Dubai Desert Safari Deals & Packages in 2022

The dream of your life is coming true with Morning Desert Safari Dubai! Whether you’re an experienced traveler, or a first-time explorer, this Morning Dubai Desert Safari tour will take you to some of the most beautiful parts of the desert and beyond.

This package has everything from dune bashing to sand buggy riding, quad bike tours to horseback riding, camel rides and refreshment soft drinks. And if you’ve never been on a camel before? You’ll be amazed at how comfortable it is—and how fast it will get you where you want to go!

You’ll start riding on a camel for about 45 minutes, then head to the dunes for some quad biking! After that, you might want to try horseback riding or dirt biking, which will be followed by some refreshments and soft drinks from our delicious menu.

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A unique and unforgettable experience

When we say “unique,” we mean it: your tour will start with a free pick-up at your hotel. Once there, you’ll jump into your sand buggy for an adventurous ride through the most scenic locations.

A ride on the camel or an exhilarating dune bash makes for a day of adventure. The sand buggy will take you deep into the desert to experience true off-road driving while refreshing soft drinks await you at the end of your journey.

This is a great way to spend time with family and friends or come alone and just enjoy the desert’s sun, sand, and relaxation.


Morning Desert Safari Packages Dubai

Morning Desert Safari-dubaidesertsafarifun

Morning Desert Safari


AED 199 | Per Person

Desert Safari Premium package-dubaidesertsafarifun

Morning Desert Safari


AED 350 | Per Person

Morning Buggy Tour-dubaidesertsafarifun

Morning Dune Buggy

Private Morning Desert Safari

AED 999 | up to 3 Persons

Morning Desert Safari + Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Evening Dune Buggy Tour-dubaidesertsafarifun

1 Seater Buggy Tour


AED 800 | Per Person

2 Seater Dune Bubby-dubaidesertsafarifun

2 Seater Buggy Tour


AED 999 | 2 Persons

4 Seater Buggy-Dubaidesertsafarifun

4 Seater Buggy Ride


AED 1399 | 4 Persons

Why Morning Dubai Desert Safari with us

Quad biking-dubaidesertsafarifun


Why Morning Dubai Desert Safari trip?

Morning Dubai Desert Safari trip is an all-inclusive adventure that includes dune bashing, sand buggy riding, quad bike riding, horse riding and dirt bike tours. And again, did we mention we’ll give you free soft drinks and refreshments?

If you’re looking for something fun to do on vacation or want to try something new and exciting before heading back home—you won’t find anything more perfect than this Dubai safari tour.

This is the perfect way to start your day in the UAE! Get ready to have a journey that is out of this world. Get more information on Morning Dubai Desert Safari packages here.

Desert Safari Dubai Morning package

You’ll be picked up from your hotel or accommodation and taken to the safari, where you’ll get to choose from one or all of the many activities our tour has to offer.

Dune bashing

There’s nothing like exploring the beautiful desert of Dubai. With the sandblasting at you and the sun, if you want to try something a little different, then why not combine your Dubai safari tour with a trip to see some dune bashing? Beating down on you, it’s a glorious feeling of liberation. You can book one-to-one Dubai Desert Safari tours for whichever activity you want, or you could participate in a group activity. Either way, this is a great way to spend your day in Dubai!

In dune bashing, you’ll ride across the sand and get a taste of how fast it is when your guide takes it out of its comfort zone! In addition, you can take part in camel riding as well as a sand buggy ride. This will teach you how to drive a four-wheeler on the sand and how to do it the old way by riding a camel – the best of both worlds.

Sand Dune buggy Dubai

If you want something fun and exciting, why not try sand buggying? This is an adrenalin-filled activity that will leave you feeling exhilarated. It’s also great for children as it doesn’t require special equipment or experience, so everyone can join in! The best thing about sand buggying is how easy it is; all you need is a buggy and some goggles!

Horse and Camel Riding

Next up is horse riding, adrenaline pumping ride through the desert like you’re in a Western movie! You’ll also have time to relax with refreshments such as soft drinks and snacks before heading off on another adventure.

Our desert safari will take you on an adventure through the desert dunes on our dune buggy. We have included everything you need to make your day an adventure. This package is perfect for anyone looking to explore Dubai in a new way.

Optional Quad Bike ride

Finally, there’s an optional dirt bike tour where you get up close and personal with the terrain while learning how to handle yourself off-road! All these activities are currently included in our Dubai Desert Safari Offers – so make sure to book your Morning Dubai Desert Safari tour early!


Payment Method

Morning Desert Safari Tour Overview

Pick up drop off-dubaidesertsafarifun

Pick up and drop off

This morning desert safari tour offers the perfect way to kick off your day. The trip starts with a pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. Then you'll go on a dune-bashing adventure in Dubai. Next, you'll ride in a camel-powered buggy along the sandy coastline of Dubai before returning to your hotel. You will be picked up from your hotel at 07:00 am. You can arrive early if you want, but since we have a small tour group, we usually leave by 7:30 am. Your driver will take you to the first stop starting from Dune bashing – ending in sand boarding.

Morning Dune Bashing-dubaidesertsafarifun

Dune Bashing

Then it's off to the dunes! You'll have a chance to try out your new skills on some real sand. You will head out for more dunes-bashing adventures in an open-air jeep. Once again, this is another very popular tourist attraction that you can't miss!! Here you will get in the back of a 4x4 vehicle and head to one of Dubai's most famous beaches! You will be given safety equipment and a helmet.

Camel Ride

When you've had enough of the dunes, try your hand at camel riding! The camels are gentle creatures who will let you pet them if they like what they smell; (get some musk). After riding on the board (and maybe even trying some tricks), it's time for a camel ride! You'll get up close and personal with one of these animals as they trot around through the desert landscape and watch them sway. You will ride the camel and experience how it feels to be close to these majestic creatures.

Morning sand boarding-dubaidesertsafarifun

Sand Boarding

Then it's time for sandboarding! The tour ends with a ride through sandboarding to end your day of adventure. You'll get soaked in this activity, so make sure you bring lots of layers or clothes. If necessary, you can also purchase additional equipment before heading out onto the sand surface with your friends and family members (but we highly recommend doing it with them). This activity involves riding on a board with your hands and feet anchored. Your guide will teach you how to ride to experience yourself flying over the dunes!

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