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How To Have A Memorable Dubai Desert Safari Tour!

Living in Dubai brings many places close to you however you visit them rarely. For people coming from the outside, there is a charm to visit special places. Hence for them, there is a lot to observe, explore, and enjoy the most. However, without proper knowledge of what everything brings is where their plans go wrong. To save people from visiting specific places, we bring great news to Desert Safari. In Dubai, visiting loft buildings and driving past spacious downtown is not the ideal trip. You need to explore things that give you a closer look at nature. But it must also amaze you the most. 

Dubai is a land and a desert likewise. People only know the former the most, but the latter has its charm likewise. In the desert, the development of tourism is expanding manifold. In addition, our focus for this time is the desert and how you can make a great trip there in Dubai. However, this time we bring all the activities for you but how you can make them favorable your way. 

Breakfast in the Desert

At first, everything in Dubai is about the setting you will observe. With a tour to the desert, you do not need heavy settings. Beginning a morning early in the desert feels exquisite and heavenly. Spacious scenes and sand always amaze many tourists. In essence, people also wish to enjoy a great and soothing breakfast. 

Generally, when you arrive with a touring company, their breakfast is a traditional and local one. You will receive tea and dates resembling their culture. However, coffee and cakes can be an addition if you search. In contrast, you can bring and arrange for your breakfast options likewise. 

Camel Riding 

People can begin their time in the desert with a camel ride. In the desert, you may experience camel to the full. By this, we refer to the history we know of camels and their movement in the desert. If you wish to explore royalty, ride a camel for some minutes. In addition, for many, this will be the first riding time on the camel. And in the desert, this feels like royalty. 

We also promote riding a camel first and then moving to the vehicles since this tradition is vanishing in other parts of the world. Hence, we want tourists to take a valuable interest in this tradition. It is a great and gentle experience when it comes to riding. 

Picturesque Setting 

With the development of Dubai Desert Safari tourism increasing, many people arrange for photography stalls. These stalls can include a good custom background and even birds such as eagles. You can have a great photograph with a bird or a custom background. 

In addition, professional photographers are also present which can make for a perfect picturesque setting. It is also a great way to bring memories together and have stunning photographs in the

desert. Photographing is not only limited to pictures but you can create spectacular videos likewise. For social media promotions, we feel the setting is perfect with rides and scenery. 

Quad Bike Riding 

When you want to enjoy the rides, vehicles will be limited in the desert. However, it is since not all vehicles can run well in the sand. The first vehicle you must ride here is a quad bike. This bike feels simple, easy to control, and fun to drive. It looks like a small four-wheel car with bike-like steering. Perfect for a solo ride, you may drive them with your friends. For professionals, there is always more to a thing. They can participate in various races in the desert that happen often. 

Dune Buggy Riding 

The other popular riding vehicle for people apart from a quad bike is a dune buggy Dubai. This buggy feels like a perfect vehicle to accommodate more people. Quad bikes can only accommodate one additional person. Whereas a dune buggy can make room for 3 additional persons at maximum. Hence, it feels like a good family vehicle you can ride in the desert safari. In essence, it is safe with the structure and you can drive it like a car. 

Dinner and Entertainment 

In the desert, not everything comes for the day travelers. The beauty of Desert Safari Dubai is that people find amazing entertainment options at night likewise. They can have a perfect food setting. Often, tours arrange for BBQ dinner and buffet. Whereas custom huts and restaurants also arrange for food. 

For entertainment, you can enjoy fire shows, cultural music shows and DJ nights, and belly dance. In addition, women can apply local henna over their arms, hands, and feet. Great patterns can make you look spectacular. 


The best option for a night trip to the desert is the camping option. You can spend a perfect night in the desert in special camps. Camps range from luxurious to standard ones. And each can bring a soothing experience with cool breezes. And also with the silence that can take you away from the hassle of city life. 

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