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Experiencing the Dubai desert safari

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How to book Dubai desert safari

In recent years the tourism industry of Dubai has been developing, specifically its desert safari. They are recreating and making their deserts beautiful. Then, this trip is not about visiting tall buildings or greenery, or lakes. Rather, you would be traveling to a barren desert. And it is close to nature. They have been introduced to the natural deserts, same as the natural jungles. You would have an amazing and different experience to feel the nature in Dubai safari. This type of safari is not available in any other place in the world. As it is a unique experience. To attract their tourist, they brought camels, motorbikes, camps, food festivals, buffets, lights, and much more.

When you stay there for the night, you would feel you are in the old times. Where people used to stay outside at night. You will get a view of wild animals like wild dears roaming around the desert. Through this site, you will get affordable packages for the trip. It has a trip for both high and low range of people. Their deals depend upon the days, activities, and timings. You can get discounts on deals. No such delay occurs in their booking and reservation process. They immediately notify you as soon they receive your inquiry about booking the trip. They will provide free-of-cost pick and drop to desert safari from your hotel or resort.

Planning your Dubai trip

People can schedule their trip for day or night. Both the times have more or less the same features. But nighttime trip contains more entertainment shows, fireworks, fire shows, dances, and much more. Next, they have created a huge network to cover the whole world. People from any place can book their reservations online. You can reserve booking through their website. Their team has mentioned on their page the desert safari offers and deals 

Reservation on the site

People make their bookings and reservations for safari trips online. Similarly, they do payments online. You can select the favorable dates. Their management will mention the days with timings and plan to cover the places in Safari.

Camel riding

A camel riding is an outclass experience.

Camel riding is an outclass experience. 

You would have felt as if you are sweeping over the sand. They look after the baby camels and train them when they grow older. They tame them with Special training. Similarly, the camels don’t walk alone, as their cameleer instructs them. And he walks along with them the whole way. Then they use Different breeds of camels and colors. They have red, black, and white skin. The cameleers design them with paints for their identity. Special team people are there to take care of their cleanliness. They wash them and comb them. Also, they are given a special diet for good health. Special trainers are hired to train the camels. This camel riding is available in every single desert safari deal.


People come to the desert and hold the giant falcon on their hand or shoulder. Then they click pictures with it. They have trained the falcon not to bite anybody also it doesn’t get scared or fly from fear of human beings. People enjoy taking pictures. Sometimes, they make a falcon show. In which they have trained their falcon. It flies high and then comes back to its owner. People show this kind of show to the audience.

Safari camps

Inside a safari camp, they have set up small cushions and Arabic rugs, and wooden tables for tourists to rest. As the tourists entered the camp, they are been served Arabic coffee or tea. The arrangement is made for sitting on the rugs.But you can give additional charges for having the seats for chairs and sofas. You will get a live experience of making fresh meals. Some Arabic ladies make henna tattoos on the hands and arms of the tourist. They serve the tourist camel milk. Food usually is from lamb, meat, and beef. People chant and play instruments like drums. They decorated the camps with lights and wooden painted roofs. They have set small stalls for the food. Similarly, they have set up the bone fire for the night.

Safari Guide

They have trained their driver. They hire the ones who have an international license for riding in the deserts. They do fast driving on the sand and sand ripples. They use powerful, hydraulic jeeps and cars for traveling in deserts. As the normal cars mostly slip in the sand. They check car engines and tires frequently. They keep first their Passenger’s safety and precautions. They guide the tourist about the routes and places, and their history and tradition.

Special costumes

Before entering the safari desert, they usually give the tourists a special Arabic scarf to cover up their heads. And they also rent or sell the special Arabic white costumes to wear in the desert for clicking pictures.

Musical nights

They hire popular singers and musicians for their performances for the night. Chanting, singing, and praising can be heard throughout the night in the desert.

What is Sandboarding in the desert ?

A sandboard is used to slide on the sand in an up and down motion.

You don’t need to be experienced for it. It is just a fun activity. The sand makes the board slip throughout the desert. The one thing you have to do is to balance yourself straight on the board. You will have safe and free from getting hurt.

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